Open-Realty 3.5.4 is our first bugfix release of the year. Along with bug fixes, this update contains some changes to help other developers get started developing for Open-Realty.


  • Fixed Some E_NOTICE errors with Contact Form
  • Fix some e_warning errors with the view lead pagination
  • Fix an error in the login code for storing user data in sessions
  • Fix warning errors that were breaking the ability to edit media in the media widget.
  • Fix PHP error if you try to display a field with get_listing_single_value() that the user does not have access to.

Other Changes

  • Try to ensure we are running E_ALL error reporting if devignoreinstall is present
  • Update Build images to use latest PHP 8 docker image with development-ini enabled.
  • Fix makefile errors on windows and update with windows development directions.
  • Simplify Local Dev to run make commands in the container by default, to reduce the need for installing PHP, Node, Yarn all on the local machine.

Download Information

Make sure to select the Package Download, as highlighted in this example screenshot.

Contributors: Ryan Bonham