Open-Realty 3.5.5 is a security patch. Along with the security fixes, we have fixes some bugs and improved the developer experience.

[3.5.5] - 2022-01-29


  • SECURITY: Fixes possible SQL injection from improper use of addslashes()
  • Fix redirect to installer
  • Update PHP Dependencies
  • Fixed PHP errors during media upload for vtours.
  • Fixed display of field values for user information on the edit_user screen.
  • Fix some misc PHP errors caught during code cleanup.

Developer Changes

  • Update Makefile to fix RUN_CMD detection on windows.
  • More cross-platform improvements for Makefile & docker-compose.
  • Support for running a development environment on
  • Cleaned up grammar in the and files.
  • Enable the intelephense extension in gitpod.
  • Reenable xdebug support in docker-compose.
  • Added PHPMyAdmin to docker-compose setup.

Download Information

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Contributors: Ryan Bonham