This is our first beta release Open-Realty 3.6.0. This is NOT a production-ready release. This release is intended to let developers and users start working to test the 3.6.0 release in a non production environment. The big change in this release is the new Admin Template, which is a bootstrap 5 template. I hope everyone likes the new design.

[3.6.0-beta.1] - 2022-07-05


  • Updated Composer Install
  • Update Composer Installer to handle composer version upgrades without breaking CI
  • Update Security Scanners for Gitlab 15.
  • Update dependencies
  • Enable load_js and load_js_last for admin, as we have addons that still use it.
  • Remove uneeded js from blog_editor.
  • The controlpanel_template field in site config, was readonly.
  • Fix duplicate DOM Ids on controlpanel form.
  • Improve autocomplete on login form.
  • Remove deprecated call to jqueryUI accordion() in lead editor.
  • Remove document.write call to clear Chrome warning.
  • Add CSP Headers for admin area to help improve security.
  • Removed console.dir() debug logs.
  • Fixed Generic Object Injection Sink vulnerability in lead editor.
  • Fix height of vertical navbar
  • Fix highlight of active page on vertical navbar.
  • Fix package command, that was not compiling CSS..

Languages Updates

  • Add descriptions for lat/long fields.

[3.6.0-alpha.2] - 2022-04-07


  • Login Reset Form showed a SQL error, and always reported that reset link was invalid.
  • Login form now displays forgot password form. [#110])(
  • Add a check_allow_agent_signup tag for permissions checks.
  • Address Blog/Page autosave issues. #112open in new window
  • Update Addon Manager to use ZipArchive function instead of zip_open..
  • Fix tabs on addon_manager
  • Update OneClickUpgrade to use ZipArchive function instead of zip_open..
  • Removed support of "RSXM" format remote API. This removes usages of mcrype in api. Added "RSXM2" which is same format as "RSXM" without the built in encryption. Remove API should only be used on sites that use HTTPS to prevent secrets from being passed in clear.
  • Bump some dependencies with minor updates.
  • Add missing popup.html template files. #87open in new window
  • Fix handling of 'notfound' in magicuri parsing, to return admin index page.
  • Fix Undefined Languages on site config social.
  • Fix DAST Scanning
  • Address Generic Object Injection Sink vulnerability in template editor
  • Fix ESLint rule ID security/detect-non-literal-regexp in filemanager.js
  • Update Dependencies
  • Remove wysiwyg_execute_php setting, which was deprecated.
  • Remove apikey setting, which is not longer used.
  • Remove vtour_fovcontrolpanel_vtour_fov
  • Fix issue saving controlpanel_search_list_separator
  • Fix issue saving controlpanel fields that contained HTML

[3.6.0-alpha.1] - 2022-03-12


  • New Bootstrap5 Admin Template Based on Material DashBoard by Creative Timopen in new window
  • Removed usage of ORBetterSerialze JQuery Plugin
  • Removed usage of Jquery UI in the admin area.
  • Removed usage of Jquery Validation Plugin in the admin area.
  • now outputs Bootstrap styled forms
  • Removed cms_admin_integration template.
  • Added {check_action_(.*?)} and {!check_action_(.*?)} tags. This will let you display/hide content in a template based on the OR action being performed. Eg {check_action_index}I am an index{/check_action_index} will show I am an index if the index page is being loaded. Useful for controlling CSS, etc in menus.

Languages Updates

  • We are now managing language translations using Crowdin. Anyone interested in helping proofread translations can signup at
  • There were many new language variables added as part of the template work. The goal is to have 100% language coverage of the admin area for the 3.6.0 release.
  • Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, and Portuguese languages now ship with 3.6.0-alpha.1

Template Changes

  • All Admin Templates Files (Old Templates will not work)

Download Information

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Contributors: Ryan Bonham